Mackay Waterfront Master PlanFriday, September 20, 2019

Your chance to be part of Mackay’s future

The Mackay Waterfront has reached another important milestone with the completion of the draft Mackay Waterfront Master Plan. The purpose of the master plan is to establish the overall vision for the Mackay Waterfront through the incorporation of the community’s ideas from consultation and previous investigations completed by council.

The intent for this master plan is to reflect the community and city’s identity, culture and purpose, respond to the communities needs and to consider and accommodate emerging economic growth opportunities. This visionary plan will be used as a key tool for prioritising and costing projects and is intended to be a ‘living’ document that evolves as designs develop and funding opportunities are realised. The master plan complements the Development Scheme which was finalised in May 2019 and is the regulatory document that controls land use, infrastructure planning and development in the area.

Council would love to hear your feedback on the draft master plan. Comments are welcome until November 4, and the plan will be finalised in December 2019. Click the link below to view the draft master plan and to subscribe to regular Mackay Waterfront updates.