Mackay City Centre is the soul of our city and our region’s hub of business, retail and hospitality. With almost 1000 traders operating in the city, it’s clearly a vibrant focal point of our region’s business landscape. In the past year alone, a plethora of new, diverse, quality businesses have shifted in and now proudly call it home.

The charm of the city is reflected in the well-preserved 20th Century and art deco architecture, which is perfectly counterbalanced and complimented by modern public artworks.

Mackay is the principal hub of economic, social and cultural activity for the fast-growing Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday region.

With help from city businesses, Mackay Regional Council is dedicated to growing, supporting and promoting the city’s diverse business community.

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So seek, discover, uncover and enjoy – because Mackay City Centre has it all.