Mackay City Centre Facade Improvement Scheme

Facade improvement has the capacity to enable rapid change for a city’s perception as it creates a more social environment and is a highly visible element of a city to passers-by. Building facades and shopfronts immediately affect the perceptions one has of a city. Improvements to facades and streetscape have the capacity to enable rapid change to the liveability factor and how inviting a city feels.

Spaces that appear liveable and inviting are proven to stimulate perceptions of safety. As more people feel comfortable entering the area, passive surveillance will increase and further improve safety.

Mackay Regional Council has developed Facade Improvement Schemes to work in partnership with Property owners facilitating and supporting the revitalisation of building facades across the region.

The Mackay Regional Council is willing to work together with property owners to facilitate upgrades to building facades that will help to revitalise your local streetscape.

Currently Round three of the Mackay City Centre Facade Improvement Scheme is open to all businesses within the City Centre boundary.  If you business is located between Caneland Central and the River Street boat ramp; or between Alfred and River Streets you are eligible for to receive funding.  Buildings that have received funding from previous Facade Improvement rounds, are not eligible for further funding in round three.  Applications open Monday January 16, 2017 and will close on Monday, March 6, 2017.

Please see read through the Facade Improvement application guidelines and then fill out an application if you are interested in this opportunity these documents can be found via the button to the left.