Building Improvement Rebate

Council has launched a new Building Improvement Rebate program.

The new program will supersede the previous Mackay City Centre and Mackay Pride Facade Improvement Schemes.  This will make it easier than ever to make improvements to shop fronts and will ensure a more streamlined process with one set of guidelines for all commercial properties in the region.

The Building Improvement Rebate supports the revitalisation of building facades across the Mackay region.  Building facades and shopfronts immediately affect the perceptions one has of a town centre. Improving building facades contributes to the perception of place and encourages overall improvement to the region’s economy, safety and community connection. Council’s Building Improvement Rebate seeks to work in partnership with property and business owners along with estate agents and property managers to facilitate and support the revitalisation of commercial facades.

Expressions of interest are currently being accepted for rebates of up to $3000 to undertake building improvement upgrades. A rebate is also available for eligible cleaning works up to $1000. Please read through the guidelines for more information on the requirements of the rebate. For more information please contact Council’s Economic Development team on 1300 MACKAY (622 529) or email in to [email protected]

Expressions of interests are now open until Friday, October 30. Apply at