Vacant Spaces Activation Project

Similar to other programs across Australia, we are planning to offer a program that activates vacant spaces in the Mackay City Centre.

Having someone occupying an empty property can offer advantages to building owners/managers, including reduced vandalism, lower insurance costs, grow the long-term value of the property, avoid devaluation of the property, attract visitors to the area, and renew interest from commercial tenants. source:

Access to a low cost venue to showcase or sell work, perform, rehearse or offer creative activity can give an artist, small creative business or community/cultural group an opportunity to trial and grow their ideas, whether that be to open a shop, exhibit their work, set up a studio or share their skills and knowledge with others.

Individuals or artists interested in activating a space can contact council’s arts development officer Fiona Vuibeqa on 1300 (622 529) MACKAY or for more information.

Any property owners or managers interested in making their spaces available can contact City Centre Coordinator Samantha Self on 1300 MACKAY or

Expressions of interest for both close on May 12 and can be downloaded by clicking the relevant link below:


Activate our Space Call for EOI from artists


Vacant Premises Activation Property EOI