ID Dezine

ID Dezine & Hair By IDTuesday, October 2, 2018

We are a boutique that sells men’s, women’s and kids apparel, footwear, fragrances, botanical oils and gifts

We opened our doors in 2004 and twelve years ago we added a hair salon to the mix.  The youngest daughter Jodie Lamprecht, manages a team of six in our upstairs loft style salon across from our corner fashion boutique.

We love being in the main street of the City Centre.  We opened here because of the vibe.   Seeing the cafes and bars bustling every morning and everyone wanting to get out and about has enabled us to not only trade 7 days a week but also open late until 7pm on a Thursday night.

We can open and close when we like, plus it gives us the freedom to cross promote with other local’s artists such as Cory Geisler, (a local DJ) who will often setup outside the store for a cheeky mid-week set.  The public really love the vibe he brings to the city.

We love the old trees mixed with the recent city refurb as well as the early morning wildlife it attracts.

People know they can come to us for honest, specialised advice and suggestions on what to wear for an occasion. We guide people to choose items based on their personality, their body shape and skin tones.  Rather then what they’ve seen on other bodies that are nothing like theirs.

We mix current trends with premium classic styles…. pieces that you don’t see everywhere, and you know you’ll have them for a lifetime.

A service that is getting more popular is our bridal party gowns.  We have also recently introduced suiting for the men.  Of course, having our salon across the road, we are now able to offer a full bridal party service.

Our newest baby is our very own label.  The first two drops that sold out, consisted of classic linen pieces.  We have since travelled to Indonesia to meet with our production team to work on adding silks and lace and we may have even thrown in a new style for the guys!

The parking has always been an issue in the City.  People need at least an hour, usually three to get their hair done at a salon, if they want to visit the City boutiques or have lunch after they often have to move their car.  As parking is always difficult in the city with so many workers already being here, people often drive around searching for a park unsuccessfully.  They then head to Canelands for their shopping & lunch.

If free parking was increased to three hours and then perhaps a payment system introduced for anything over that, I feel we would get more people making an effort to visit and stay in the city.

On learning about the Renew Newcastle project, I also believe that current and new retailers be given the opportunity to take advantage of a similar, but for commercial business, to fill our empty shops.

Existing shop owners should be keeping their buildings/shopfronts fresh and old signage should be taken down…. a general update of the city buildings should be a regular and constant thing.

Previously in the city we had it all – jewellers, lingerie shops and private health fund offices.  After so many shops having left the city and relocated to Canelands, it’s just another reason for customers to choose shopping centres over the city.

So many new cafes have been opened or revamped – The Connors family have recently upgraded The Dispensary/Our Kitchen – always a fantastic place for Friday afternoon drinks and Tapas.

Just to mention a few, Grazing Goat and Cool Mango are our go to places for Brekkie …… 9th Lane grind for their cold pressed coffee and KBC burgers …as well as the latest addition to the city – Wishbone Chicken shop – BYO drinks and the chicken is to die for!

We would love to see shops along the lines of Vast Interiors / Adair’s move into the city…. we miss having stores like that in the city to visit in our lunch breaks.

I laugh when shopping centres give you a people count through their doors to encourage you to relocate to them, it is because they have the biggest names all under one roof. That is why smaller boutiques and foodies stand alone we just need more of them to create a vibe and a herd.

The best advice I could offer someone wanting to start a business is be prepared for a lot of work with very little return.  If you can manage it with the right team and yourself constantly working in and on the business, the rewards will be a great lifestyle.  Love what you do, always be flexible and resilient to change, know your busy times and make hay while the sun shines!

I would love to see the City become a healthier, happier place to entice families back – we love making a difference!