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Rydges Mackay SuitesThursday, November 1, 2018

We sat down with Rydges Mackay Suites and asked a few questions about why they were attracted to the City Centre:

Q. How long have you been established in the City?

Rydges took over Mackay Grande Suites in February 2018.

Q. What attracted you to open a business in the City Centre?

The three owners invested in Mackay due to the potential growth.  They identified that the town would benefit from a new hotel/restaurant/bar area, that was different to the offer already available.

Q. Name five top reasons why the City Centre is great!

  • Has room to grow
  • Is warm and welcoming
  • It is close to everything
  • Businesses in the City Centre work together
  • It has a large variety of shops

 Q. Would you consider late night trading? If so, what day and how long?

The restaurant is already open every night and our Reception is open 24/7.

Q. Do you currently open on a Sunday, if not, would you consider opening

Yes, we are already open.

Q. What improvements would you like to see implemented to add value to the City?

Even more shops open, more events/promotions to bring people into the City Centre.

Q.  Apart from your own Business, is there any other offer that should be attracted into the City Centre?

The MECC entertaining acts with mainly their live shows.

Q. What best advice would you give someone considering opening a business today?

Give Mackay a consistent good offering.